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    Welcome to Durby Space!

    The Goal is to push down the enemy's derby!
    You are in space on a small foundation. And for
    some reason you drive a bumper car and try to kill
    the other team!

    • 3 ballon system of Mario Kart
    • skyscraper music of Mario Kart 64
    • only Scout duell
    • space themed map - with spaceships!
    • Arena mode - NO RESPAWN!

    How does it work?

    Red and Blu spawn at thair small base. You just
    can play the game if you're scout. With "trigger_add_tf_player_condition"
    you gain your own bumper car. After the "team_round_timer" the door will open and you can play Derby!

    Everytime you fall down you'll lose 1/3 of your live. So you have
    3 "ballons" :D

    I tested it many times with my small community. If you find any bugs please
    leave a comment below! :)

    Known Bugs:
    trigger_teleport doesn't work fine with bumper carts (?).
    arena mode doesn't fit good with this map. Some people have to wait for playing
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