KotH Deposit A1

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arab gaming network

L1: Registered
Jul 9, 2020
Deposit - Duke it out in an abandoned mining facility that may or may not be haunted by demonic cows.

Blu have bought a property to work on a top-secret undisclosed project that does not in anyway shape or form, involve haunted cow cutouts. Making their base of operations in an abandoned mining facility in what we presume to be Tasmania. However, Red have caught on to the project, ALSO buying the land for themselves to destroy what Blu have been working, (which again, does not involve haunted cow cutouts) as well as using the land to continue work on ANOTHER project of theirs (which does not involve cloning an army of Tasmanian Devils). To take control of the land, the two teams must duke it out and battle to the death!

(Creators note: This map is nowhere NEAR finished. Yes Einstein, I know there is only 1 exit out of spawn and onto the control point, I will add 3 more exits in other versions when I get around to continue this map. If there any GLARING and map breaking issues in the map, let me know in the comments.)