CTF deepmines a2

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Jun 21, 2016
deepmines - Intels and mines, oh my!

A slightly edited version of my really old map ctf_caverns, renamed because that name already exists here.

Slightly nonstandard ctf, as the spawn of the flag changes every time the intel is capped, so move that gear up with the flags gone, it isn't coming back!

deepmines_a1_pic2.png deepmines_a1_pic3.png

Stack Man

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Aug 26, 2016
So the first thing I noticed is that the map layout is very confusing. This can prove problematic for new players, as while they're trying to get their bearings and learn the map, an enemy who does know the map will likely cap the intel, further adding to confusion as the player tries to find the next spot they need to defend.

Second, all of the intel briefcases being shown at once is confusing. It took me a while to realize I was actually supposed to go further into the enemy base and take that first.

Thirdly, the intelligence cap spot only being at one of the briefcases is again, confusing. I was able to pick up on it being the cap point, but a lot of other players aren't as intuitive.

Last of all, the last two intel rooms don't feel like proper intel rooms. Typically an intel room will be large and wide, these two are very cramped. On second point, there are props littered every where and has too many openings from different angles. Not to mention that a scout or spy could easily hide in there to grap the intel as soon as the first one is capped, since there is little incentive to go in that room before hand. The last intel room is okay, but doesn't need the wall right in the middle of it.

Some other things you could change about the map..

I like the idea of having the intel in a cart or wagon, but for clarity, it should be out in the open.
As a player, I feel more drawn to drop the intelligence at first rather than last. It just feels more natural.


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Nov 14, 2009
I like the idea of making the intel transparent when it's not active; did you have to make your own custom model for that or is there a setting? Sadly, some of its polygons show through it. Really wish there were a "ghost" shader that's self-occluding like how the Spy's cloak works. We should bug Valve about getting that made.



This map does a better job than any I've seen of showing off how 3D Source's bumpmapping can look.


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Jun 21, 2016
-Replaced intels with capture points
-Added a neutral flag in the middle, which is required to cap the enemy cps
-The flag cannot be captured, but must be brought near the cps
-All 3 enemy cps have to be captured, once captured cannot be lost again
-Reworked last 2 flag areas.
-Added signs pointing to the enemy area and neutral intel.

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