Deathrun Trap ideas wanted

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    Right now I'm working on a custom dr map, but I currently cannot think of any clever ideas for a trap.
    So If you have ANY funny/creative/ridiculous/silly ideas for a deathrun trap, I would LOVE to hear them!

    P.S. Any of the ideas suggested used on the map will have the OP credited.
  2. Hipster_Duck

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    Here's a trap I made back when passtime came out, kinda lost interest in the idea of making a dr map.
    Anyway, it uses jump pads and lasers and is intended to be avoidable by jumping repeatedly on the second jump pad via strafing anyway, hers the vmf: dr_jumppads.vmf (excuse the crude box skybox)
    And a screenshot for good measure:

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    Hello. Just thought I'd weigh in.

    Funny/silly/ridiculous is great because it makes your map memorable but it does not guarantee replay value if the trap mechanics are unfair or repetetive. Take the stolen copy of dr_timetravel that has been in the wild for years, for example. It's a great-looking map, but most of the traps are basic. You step on a section of floor, the activator hits a button and the prey dies. The only skill involved is baiting the activator by quickly moving in and out of the hazard zone. I advise you to look at traps in other maps that have what I call a chance to avoid, or CTA. That is, the runner has an opportunity to escape death within the confines of the trap zone by using skill to avoid it or reduce the damage taken. Skills such as jumping, crouching, reaction times and logic.

    One day I will make a set of guides and observations for Deathrun traps and maps.
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  4. BenCo

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    If you want silly traps:


    Though a deathrun map with a theme and with genuine traps are more memorable. This trap was used on one of my dr maps, but I scrapped it because the whole map is just too silly :p
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    Idk if you could do this in your map but Mabye make a trap based on rythm, like if you dont follow a specific audio que youll die
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  6. Diva Dan

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    Ooo ooo make one where you have to follow a rhythm to jump but the killer can speed up or slow down the song!
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