ARENA deathbowl

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    So, I've been working on this for a bit, its Open Source under the AGPL v3, which means if you make changes you have to distribute them.

    Its open source because I want it to be a good starting point for new mappers who don't feel like starting from scratch.

    The map itself is kinda bare, it could use some obstructions, but it is functionally complete.

    Also, if someone wants to make it into a KotH map, I'd be more than happy, just remember that it must be distributed under and with the same license.

    Notes about the map:

    1. You can't reenter the spawn, don't bother me about it thats the "death" in deathbowl.

    2. the sides of the map have a zig-zag separating each side, one has radiosity, the other doesn't, idk why.

    3. Needs props, but idk where to put them, feel free to spruce it up a bit.

    Here's the link to the template map:

    aaaaaand, thats about it.
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