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Death heat maps

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by shpladoink, May 30, 2010.

  1. shpladoink

    shpladoink L3: Member

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    I saw someone create a death heat map (much like the ones on the valve stats page) using bots on a private server, but could find no information on how to do it. Anyone able to help me out with doing this for a custom map in a live setting? I'm sure it would be of use to others as well.
  2. cyked

    cyked L3: Member

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    its difficult and invloves taking an Overview Shot, A bunch of regular expressions code using some file generated by the server, and ClickHeat. Fireslash (the man behind tf2stats) was the one who was working on it. id ask him to see if he could point you in the right direction (and me aswell :D )
  3. FireSlash

    FireSlash L2: Junior Member

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    You mean this?

    I couldn't find a reliable method of obtaining the source images, so that project is abandoned at the moment.

    Also, I ended up using tempest since clickheat was kind of bad for this.
  4. MrAlBobo

    MrAlBobo L13: Stunning Member

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    well...since that other method has been abandoned apparently...your best bet would be to run some kind of stat tracking program, either hlstatsx or psychostats

    Provided this is a standard dedicated need another host running a database and a few other things. These programs basically read the log files and track either where ever people die, or where people are when they get kills. In my experience psychostats has a tendency to fail, and ive never ran hlstatsx. For a first time doing something like this...expect hell <_<

    And thats all for the actual data, beyond that you need to use cl_leveloverview x (i guessed on the command, might not be right) where x is a number. Take a screenshot, edit it, go in the level and get the coordinates of the edges of the picture. Then give the coordinate to the program.

    Then provided that all works, there needs to be a bare minimum of 1000 kills to see anything useful, 7000 is better.

    Though the idea of generating the logs with bots fascinates me...but I figure bots still work on barely any maps right?
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