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    Deadline was created for the CTF contest back in 2010. It was generally badly received (even though I found it okay myself), mostly due to size issues I believe. Anybody is free to do whatever they wish with it. It was intended to be competitive but I believe I failed at that, so make it play however you wish.

    More info and screenshots:

    Crediting: Just mention my name.

    Note: The download I provided contains a bsp of a4, which is likely to be quite buggy, but I couldn't find any other versions and I can't be arsed to compile on this slow laptop. You're free to compile a3 yourself, of course.
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    I am adopting this one. Looks like a good map.
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    It looks like a good map already. I'd think with the name deadline it would have to be at a train yard or at least have an abandon train track. You can even make the intelligence on top of a mine cart or a boxcar. The beauty of a boxcar is the engi can have a sentry in there or a spy could be lurking. The screen shots in the other post have a nice open feel and a crisp snowness. This should be a good map to CTF.