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Dead bodies go under floor + problem with overlay

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by neon, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. neon

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    Hello again,
    After serious bug with my map and after solving it I'm working again on my map. I compiled it and I saw some problems (for me of course... Yeah, I'm begginer...)):
    1) After dead player bodies're going under floor/ground to the skybox. How I can prevent it and make to stay bodies on the ground after dead? I'm using func_brush and I set all solid options...
    2) I used some overlays and decals and after compile in game, I can see only some decals but not any overlay. What I'm doing wrong?

    I searched threads in forum but I couldn't find any answer for my questions.
    Many thanks.
  2. eerieone

    aa eerieone

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    dead bodies only collide with skybox, displacements, nodraw, main geometry, func_detail and objects
    "solid" on brushentities doesn´t appy for ragdolls

    dead bodies will fall through brush-entities


    overlays don´t stick to entity-brushes like func_lod or func_brush
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  3. drp

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    why are you setting the ground brush as func_brush?
  4. NovaSilisko

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    I was wondering the exact same thing.
  5. AntonJ3000

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    If the func_brush is func_brush for an important reason, you can make an invisible-texture (the invisible one, not clip or playerclip) brush where it is and NOT tie it to an entity.

    If you just had it there for no good reason, untie the entity. (Rightclick and move to world)
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