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The good old dust2 map with TF2 style

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    de_dust2 - The good old dust2 map with TF2 style

    This is my TF2 version for the good old CS:GO map dust2, with TF2 style.
    I used ABS's Mappers Resource.
    The base of my map was this map:
    I made a lot of changes to the abandoned project (wasn't updated for more than 2 years) and these incude:
    • fixing leaks
    • fixing clipping issues
    • complete change of the scoring system to function similarly like in CS:GO: added planting zones, bomb , defusion and music.
    There are some bugs remaining though, like the fact that the bomb carrier
    carrying a giant bomb on his head.

    Anyway I hope you really enjoy my map and happy Jam;).
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    Sorry, but this doesn't qualify for the medal in the jam. We're only accepting new projects created during the weekend, not old ones updated during that time. The idea is to come up with all new stuff.