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    for those who don't know day9, he has been a huge streamer in the days of starcraft 2. He was known for making great match analysis, casting matches in a way that no one really was doing at the time. His deep insight in starcraft and his understanding of the mechanics of the game has given him a job at a studio where he is now part of the design team. These days he's more of a general streamer, streaming any game he can get his hands on. On top of streaming, you've probably seen him hosting the PC gaming show at e3.

    This video that just aired is about his relation with content creation and I figured you guys would like to see it as it is very relevant to map making (or any creative work really). His process mirrors my own more or less perfectly. I can't say if this is general wisdom or what, but I'm sure it can help you if you have been reflecting on some of the topics he brings up. I know that there are a lot of new content creators on this site and perhaps you've been struggling with some of these issues. Day9 puts it in an eloquent way that I probably couldn't achieve so check out his vid. it's good stuff.

    main takeaways: Be yourself. Find the thing that you think is interesting and hold onto that. Maintain your work ethic in pursuing creative goals. Feedback is important but don't forget about your taste. feedback should help you in exploring your taste, not be the end all be all.
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