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Day in the Life of Heavy

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Tasty Salamanders

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Aug 2, 2017
Day in the Life of Heavy - A TF2Maps 72 Hour Summer Jam fanfic

Day in the Life of Heavy​

Life was quiet ever since the conclusion of the Gravel Wars, the Robot Wars, and the conflict with the old team of mercenaries hired by Gray; however the team had remained together, rehired by Saxton Hale and left on standby. The mercs were use to living a life without constant fighting, they had lives outside their jobs, however living together without the conflict had just became awkward, especially with some of the changes their team had taken.

Heavy was in the kitchen making a making a Sandvich when he heard them, his sister, Zhanna, and Solider. Ever since they had met and, to Heavy's horror, became engaged the two had became inseparable. They had entered the room cooing erotically to each other about the brutality they would unleash when Hale finally figured out what to do with the mercs. Heavy went to leave, hearing them talk like that left him severely uncomfortable.

"Hello, Zhanna's communist brother!", cried Soldier as they walked by. "Hello", gravely replied Heavy, trying to avoid a conversation with Soldier and Zhanna and the inevitable flirting that such a conversation would entail. "We were discussing ways of using our own naked bodies as weapons!", exclaimed Soldier as Heavy blocked out the memory of the last battles. Zhanna interjected, "Any word from the Australian muscle man? Me and future husband are bored of doing nothing." "No word from Hale, I am going now." Quickly exiting the discussion Heavy took his Sandvich and left the kitchen.

"Disgusting, no?"
The voice startled Heavy as he turned to see Spy, "It is unpleasant to be around, yes." Heavy never had a close relationship with Spy, but they had a bit of a bond when it came to how Soldier treated them as non-Americans. "You know, I could save everyone here from having to continuing endur‒" "No", Heavy quickly interrupted Spy. "He has not hurt Zhanna, she would not forgive me if something happen to Soldier." "C'est suffisant", replied Spy as vanished away.
While Heavy was not overly fond of Soldier and disapproved of Zhanna's relationship with him, Heavy knew that they both cared for each other, and his family had already lost too many people they cared about. He would not take Soldier away from her too.

Continuing down the hall, he passed the team's rooms, as he passed by Scout's he noticed Scout wearing a chicken head quickly duck away and hid. Heavy ignored this. The mercs had a penchant for various headwear and costumes, and they particularly enjoyed their Halloween ones as they dealt with whatever nonsense Merasmus was making them deal with. However Heavy could not help but think that Scout... did things while wearing his chicken costume. Heavy did not like to think about it.

Passing by the labs he heard Engineer and Medic discussing new ideas, whether they be impractical or not. There were proposals for a dispenser with an uber module, though it wasn't clear when or why the module would activate, or even what use uber would be when not on the front line. There was talk of linking teleporter functionality to the Medi-Gun, but it was unclear how constructive this would even be. Proposals borne out of boredom and lack of new weapon supplies from Hale.

Climbing up the stairs, Heavy reached a lookout point and surveyed the badlands around him as finally prepared to eat his Sandvich. Before he could the sirens went off, Saxton Hale had finally found someone or something for the mercs to kill. "This is lucky day for you, Sandvich. Today you go into battle." Packing the Sandvich away Heavy left to go to team's new beginning.