Dawn of War: Chaos Rising

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    Has anyone else purchased this game yet? If so , what are your thoughts?

    Personally i feel like i was cheated and only hold no grudges because i got it in a 50% off sale.

    The Expansion originally sold for the price of a full game on launch and only introduces 1 race which you can already fight in the DLC "The Last Stand". There is the introduction of a "snow" theme, which is unfortunately just existing models and terrain textures overlayed with white (partly the reason i feel cheated). The expansion itself lasts around 4 hours, which i guess is borderline acceptable for an "expansion" but in terms of mission diversity and game length holds nothing to the original DoW 2 campaign which could take you over a week to complete assuming you win every mission (losing missions has detrimental effects to the campaign thus taking even longer to complete than merely the time spent in that mission).

    There are other additions such as to the load out UI, but all in all it seemed like overwhelming data that shouldn't have become more complicated than it sat in DoW 2.

    So even though the majority of the game was re-hashed content from the original DoW 2, Relic only managed a couple hours (an evenings) worth of play, and my only conselation is the fortunate fact i'm a Warhammer lore fan and that the story of the Blood Ravens Chapter gets significantly pushed forwards since their advent as a mysterious Chapter in the Space Marine army.

    Which again destroys replay value as the story rely's on suspense of a traiter in your ranks which once you find out removes most of the value through playing the campaign were you to replay it.

    So factoring in re-used content, reply value, the total price of the content and hours of play i'm sorely dissapointed.
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