KotH datas a1

mirrored and curve

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    datas - mirrored and curve

    made this just a few days before the deadline of the B2B contest and didn't finished it.

    it's a mirrored map with a weird CP and a few thing-y in the middle

    Middle area

    Top down view

    Lobby (to Mid)

    Courtyard (from Spawn)
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    This looks like a very unique and fun map. my one criticism is that the circle platforms are only have 1 way up for classes without movement abilities, and the tray is in a pretty awkward position, which would probably make it too hard to realisticly get up there and would make soldiers and scout have a big advantage over the other classes. this would be fixable if you made a ramp aound or up the first circle, so you don't have to do an awkward jump
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