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Dario plays goldrush/badwater; reveals favorite snack

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by ardysqrrl, May 1, 2011.

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    This is heavily edited, I tried to leave in everything of dario interest

    a lot of people ask him questions over voice which means I'm adding my vague recollections as to what the questions are

    I hope you guys don't expect anything revealing it was mostly supersandvich asking if he liked ponies

    if you want a raw transcript,
    Captain Chaos connected.

    *DEAD* func_brush: hello dario
    Captain Chaos: hello !!!!!
    ])oo]v[<Finn Allway F. Alldown>: WOOO
    potatos_rotatos_1: hi
    Captain Chaos: nice name func
    *DEAD* The PlayStation 3 Has No Games: owned
    *DEAD* func_brush: thank you
    weapon_penguin: Hello Dario
    func_door: dario hates koth
    *DEAD* Captain Chaos: 180 latency!!

    func_door: !map pl_goldrush
    -- Map Changing --
    -- Map Changed to pl_goldrush --

    [responding to question asked over voicechat]
    Captain Chaos: a what fan?
    supersandvich: a my little pony fan
    Littleedge: He asked if you were a Brony :/
    Captain Chaos: hahah
    Cave Johnson: Did you actually make the cave johnson section in portal 2
    Captain Chaos: yes
    Captain Chaos: not JUST me but that's the part I worked on
    Prestige Johnson: Did you ever try making a non-payload map
    Captain Chaos: hahah
    Captain Chaos: yes, before TF2 :)
    Captain Chaos: I made the original dustbowl for TFC
    [someone over voice says they're basically the same map]
    Captain Chaos: they're pretty close

    *DEAD* Prestige Johnson: what do you think about frontier's cart design
    *DEAD* Captain Chaos: it's a bit big

    [someone asks over voice if he has put secret rooms in maps]
    Captain Chaos: I used to do that
    Captain Chaos: haven't for TF2 though :)
    Okrag: or have you
    Captain Chaos: I did that in Half Life and HL2
    Captain Chaos: there was a major secret room in Crossfire
    Captain Chaos: for HL1
    Captain Chaos: theo ne you call an airstrike
    Cave Johnson: is there payload in episode three

    Godslayer57 llGHll: Is it true valve has a massive of secret snacks ? :3
    Captain Chaos: secret? no,but massive yes

    [someone asks if he's making a new map for tf2]
    Captain Chaos: not at the moment

    [someone asks about dynamic elements in future payload maps similar to the bridge in stage 1 of thundermountain]
    Captain Chaos: what was that question again?
    Captain Chaos: oh ok
    Captain Chaos: hrm
    Captain Chaos: there is something like that in the next map
    Captain Chaos: but it's minor
    Captain Chaos: there are some more interesting things than that on the horizon though :)

    [someone asks how long the upcoming payload map has been in the works]
    Captain Chaos: few months
    Captain Chaos: well actually more like two

    [someone asks if he's making the upcoming payload map]
    Captain Chaos: no not mine
    Okrag: it is his grandchild
    Captain Chaos: yep
    Captain Chaos: iika
    Captain Chaos: he's still around somewhere...

    [someone asks if he's in the office now]
    Captain Chaos: no I drove home :)
    *DEAD* Captain Chaos: haha

    [someone asks if the new map has a new payload model]
    Captain Chaos: I haven't seen a new payload model yet
    supersandvich: can there be a giant vaccuum cleaner as a payload cart

    Cafe Johnson: make it so that people can buy stamps for customs that aren't official
    Cafe Johnson: such as rainbowride

    Captain Chaos: that's difficult
    Captain Chaos: stamps for non official maps

    [someone asks if he makes and tests multi-stage maps one stage at a time]
    Captain Chaos: I build the whole thing
    Captain Chaos: i always start with nodraw

    Godslayer57 llGHll: Dario when you where making goldrush why id you go with this theme?
    Captain Chaos: it was my favourite theme :)
    Captain Chaos: i went on a roadtrip throughthe southwest USA
    Captain Chaos: really liked the desert theme

    -- Map Changing --
    -- Map Changed to pl_badwater --

    [Pvt. Twinkletoes says over mic that they still hadn't played the plutonia experiment
    Captain Chaos: NO
    Captain Chaos: you have to play it
    [DADT] Pvt. Twinkletoes: i've beaten Evilution
    [DADT] Pvt. Twinkletoes: but oh god Plutonia D:
    Captain Chaos: Plutonia's a challenge

    *DEAD* Cave Johnson: How did you react to the wrangler being added and all the spots
    Captain Chaos: wrangler didn't change much
    Captain Chaos: it's vulnerable to spies

    [someone asks the fastest map he's ever made]
    Captain Chaos: this one
    Captain Chaos: six weeks
    Seba: wow
    Seba: how much different was the first alpha?
    *DEAD* Captain Chaos: this was fast because it's small
    Prestige Johnson: im thinking badwater and badlands were made together
    Captain Chaos: i sent out pictures of the first version to
    *DEAD* Seba: ah
    Captain Chaos: yes, from start to ship
    Cave Johnson: Have you ever made any maps for fun or that didn't get shipped
    Captain Chaos: yep, I've got a few that ddn't get finished

    Cave Johnson: Has anyone at valve considered a/d CTF going official?
    Captain Chaos: yes
    Captain Chaos: but there are problems with it
    Captain Chaos: griefing
    Captain Chaos: there are ways to deal with griefing
    Captain Chaos: but we like payload as an alternative, so we're not ready to put that investment in

    *DEAD* supersandvich: is there something you wanted to do in a map but you cant because it is very silly?
    Captain Chaos: yes
    Captain Chaos: Golrush was originally going to be a mountain of gold to protect
    Captain Chaos: there was a big pot of gold underground

    Ted Johnson: Dario what is your social security number
    Captain Chaos: just tell me your account number and I'll trasnfer a million dollars into it

    [DADT] Pvt. Twinkletoes: oh man do valve modelers have self-made versions of the unlocks they made
    *DEAD* Captain Chaos: no

    Captain Chaos: there is a jarate in our office
    Captain Chaos: no idea what's in it though
    Captain Chaos: it's the pickle jar
    Seba: by pickle jar do you mean piss jar
    *DEAD* Captain Chaos: no more disgusting than pickles

    *DEAD* Cafe Johnson: supersandwich confirmed for worst interviewer ever
    *DEAD* supersandvich: my questions have deep meaning u cant comprehend

    [someone asks what his favorite snack is]
    Captain Chaos: odwalla bar

    [what's the new map called]
    Captain Chaos: barnblitz

    [what blood type are you]
    Captain Chaos: tigers blood

    *DEAD* Captain Chaos: gotta run fellas, the wife calls
    Captain Chaos disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
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    I think you should have just ended on "tigers blood", but thanks anyway :D
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    this would have owned so much
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    I don't even...
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    Thanks Ardy!
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