KotH dabp (koth_dabp_72)

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    My entry for the 72h contest - now with a thread!

    Name + everything else will change. Please leave feedback in this thread! Thanks.

    (more info will follow soon)

    Free hats if you vote for me.
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    Rename it to koth_badclips :D
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    I didn't honestly enjoy it much. It felt kind of big and empty and the point was far too easy to spam from. I can see where you're coming from with this map - viaduct-like, right? - but a key component of viaduct, the cover around the point, is missing. The height advantage and openness make it an uphill battle to the point, at which point you then simply have to dribble fire downhill to keep it.

    I'd suggest cover around the point, possibly also making the capture area smaller.
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    I, for one, liked it a lot more than viaduct. actually has flanks and the layout is far more interesting.
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    Some of the structures were a bit unnecasserily large and hollow, like the one that's back is to the point with the health under it, it felt like the space should either be divided more by internal walls or details; and the winding staircase in the structure that is used to access it, i feel like the staircase should have been more compact and too one side of the room. That room is very big with a very big door looking in and none of these structures allow any real foothold for engineers so spawns were frequently attacked with little to no opposition.

    Other than that, the flanks were nice and the rooms in the structures on either side of the point were of a more reasonable scale.

    The small and medium health kits around mid tended to get used constantly to the point where there was a queue of up to 3 people lining up for the medium under the tower structure; the map was incredibly scout friendly, i'm a terrible scout yet found myself playing it just to counter the rest of the scouts; each team had about 3 scouts out of 8 players who dominated the other classes without discretion whilst gobbling up all the medium health kits. I believe the trouble was the the map was very open in all areas so classes like the demoman, engineer heavy and pyro were underbalanced. There was very limited potential for area denial.

    Fix your unsewn displacements and that weird ramp that is blocked by an invisible wall (yes i know that you already know about this, but it's important because the route seemed to be attempted to be used a lot and could have otherwise affected the gameplay of your map significantly).

    Your point was massive so defenders had a tendency of standing on the point on the edges where they could see the flanks whilst still able to defend capture initiations (particularly at the end of a round), allowing them to defend better, if not standing back and using the demo-charge or rocketjump to ambush the point, the large capture area pretty much garaunteed a successful capture defence, as did being a scout jumping about like a mad man. Defending was too simple and easy if you had more than 1 person willing to cooperate which was exasperated by the fact that players on the point had such a vast vision of the enemy "base" exits. The capture point changed hands more later in the game because teams were scrambled and cohesion was lost for RED who had managed this at least 2 times in a row with a ton of soldiers and skirmishing scouts.
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