KotH Cydonia a8

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Jun 19, 2011
In the peaceful town of Cydonia, violence erupts as two competing teams vie for control of the Outlooks, two identical towers with a clear vantage point of nearly all of the town's resources.

Mainly inspired by koth_king and koth_viaduct, I originally started this map to practice using angles. It will be based upon a maritime-ish setting, meaning the buildings will mostly be made of stone and bricks (using the Bulletcrops Project in all likelihood), around sunset.
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Jun 19, 2011
there better be knights involved somewhere god damn it
In time, in time.

Well, after the impromptu, testing revealed two major things; it was difficult to take the point after one team caps it, and many places seemed small and cramped. Here's some pics of a new version, to help fix these two things:


As you can see, its been opened up, and hopefully more difficult to defend, as I've made the roof smaller, which was likely one of reasons it was so easy to hold, and I removed the middle wall parts and instead heightened the mid structures. I'm uncertain yet, but i may need to change the geometry at the middle buildings to improve the map. Any thoughts or ideas from anyone who tested it?


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Dec 22, 2013
Something I noticed during the impromptu was the cluster of health near the cap point.

The two medium packs nearby in the lower areas were in constant use by the defenders. Medium packs are usually put to the sides of koth maps, rather than down the centre. The proximity of the packs to the point meant that defenders could easily heal up, without having to leave the point too far behind.

As you can see, the small packs are to the sides, and 4 mediums are clumped in the centre. Perhaps a rethink of your HP placement is in order before the next update? Other than that and the changes you have already made, Cydonia looks rather promising, despite how early in development it is.


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Jun 19, 2011
A2 - Made the midpoint roofs much shorter
- Expanded the area outside spawn by ~300 hammer units
- Removed wall dividers in middle
- Made roofs in front of wall dividers taller
- Added ramp to these roofs from battlements
- Moved middle crates closer to the point
- Added small wall next to the rightmost exit into middle (from spawn)
- Changed all medium health packs to small ones

Not released to the public, just to note what I changed. Oh and should I make the small health pack to the right of the rightmost exit into middle into a medium one? I might make that change for the next version, which should be rolling out by the end of today, along with some less cramped areas.


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Jun 19, 2011
Bump for A4!
- Removed door to battlements (right side)
- Raised battlements
- Lowered mid roofs
- New spawn + courtyard (leads to same places, less cramped)
- Mid buildings now no longer buildings
- Left side entrance to mid changed drastically



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Jun 19, 2011
Sorry if this seems unrelated, but how do you get a snapshot of the top view of an entire map?

I believe it was one of the images in the original post, in which case I used the console command noclip to fly overhead the map to take a screenshot (admittedly, the lazy way).

The correct way to do it is using the command:
cl_leveloverview x
Where x is the scale. A helpful tutorial on this can be found here:

For next time though, I think questions like these would go in the Mapping Discussion Forum.


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Jun 24, 2008
It was fun and really fast. I didn't notice anything obviously wrong. Ammo/health were in good spots and it seemed every class had its uses.

Maybe add a small route connecting the bottom paths? Either under the mid or one on each side. Though I don't think you need it really, but right now every path leads to the mid, which works fine, but if you think the map is too 'brute force' an under-path could help to allow sneaky flanks.


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Jun 19, 2011
Thank you :D Its always awesome to see gameplay on a map I created :thumbup:

About the underground flanking route, I think the map is wide enough that it would do without it, but if future playtests show a need for one, I'll try to implement it, although it may be difficult.

Without further ado, Version a5!
Changes and pictures in original post.


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Jun 19, 2011
That was a surprisingly informative impromptu :D

Increase team visibility (a bit dark it seems)
Make battlements more visible
Raise spawn
(Maybe) encourage people to use the lower route more often

Any more feedback or ideas are appreciated!


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Jun 19, 2011
- Point raised to be a more viable defense point - geometry around altered accordingly
- Raised spawn, added ledge, raised leftmost exit more
- Angular geometry to help accentuate the battlements entrance from spawn
- Brighter ambient light, better player visibility
- New geometry in spawn courtyard
- Straighter, faster low route
- Lower route exit raised
- Removed railing overlooking medium health area
- Right side route lowered, geometry slightly altered
- Engie nests now have a height advantage roof

Map is no longer flat, the point has been raised!
Dunno how it will play, testing will tell :p


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Dec 21, 2010


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Jun 19, 2011

koth_cydonia_a7 now available!
Download Link [Dropbox]

It hopefully fixes many issues players had in the past, there is high ground, the point should be easier to survive on and take, and there is more room for maneuverability around the point.