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Customizing TF2 (not maps)

Discussion in 'Site Discussion' started by drp, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. drp

    aa drp

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    I have received quite a few emails asking if we had sections for custom tf2 items. Like weapon models, sounds, voices, etc.

    While the site itself is mainly in to custom mapping for team fortress 2, what is everyone's opinion about this? Should we accept other material for tf2? Should we add new sections to the site? Add more forums for this? Or put this on a new domain? Is FPSB doing a good enough job where we can just direct users there?

    Taking views and opinions.

  2. J4CK8

    J4CK8 L11: Posh Member

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    Well FPSB is very big as it deals with all games and is full of bugs right now. It would be nice to see other content available on this site, as well as being able to uplaod mine and possibly getting feedback on them.

    I'm all for seeing what the community comes up with in terms of customizing TF2, just so long as it's kept to things that aren't used as cheats, like loud cloaking sounds etc. I'm not so keen on scripts either.
  3. Owlruler

    Owlruler L12: Fabulous Member

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    I would say that as this is, we should mainly stick with what we have at the moment. However, we could have another section in the custom models for things like weapons and players. The one thing I would not like to happen is for us to include custom skins and models and then get things like the McDonalds pyro. I, I for one don't use custom skins and I believe that there wouldn't actually be much constructive feedback since the amount of skinners here is no where near to the number of mappers.
  4. Caliostro

    Caliostro L6: Sharp Member

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    Personally I'd agree with anything that can be used to customize MAPS.

    Don't think we want to become FPSB, focus on one thing and do it well: Maps.

    If you feel you can handle a new forum/domain for custom content in general (character related stuff) then yeah, might be a good idea... Just so long as remains And not
  5. Dispencer

    Dispencer L1: Registered

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    More creative people contributing to the community can only be a good thing. Hopefully it would lead to cross polination of projects and skills. The extra traffic it would lead to is worth it for the few stragglers it will inevitably attract.

    I feel the main focus (eg. the frontpage) should remain on maps for the time being.
  6. DaBeatzProject

    aa DaBeatzProject

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    Maybe a section for custom sounds (explosions, water, whatever...) to use in maps? I like making those and I wouldn't mind sharing some of them ... :D
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  7. jpr

    aa jpr

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    Yep, it's tf2maps, so only maps and map related stuff like textures and models, just like it is currently.
  8. Dr. Spud

    aa Dr. Spud Grossly Incandescent

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    We don't need this other stuff. Besides, these kinds of custom skins and models don't really require as much team work and community support as maps.
  9. Mexican Apple Thief

    Mexican Apple Thief L3: Junior Member<br>LEAD FARMER

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    Maybe a sounds section, for sound effects to use in maps.

    But I agree, we shouldn't bother expanding to skins and other mods.
  10. A Boojum Snark

    aa A Boojum Snark Toraipoddodezain Mazahabado

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    I've thought about this a bit now and then because of the different models popping up (like Ayes' scout). I think what might be good is renaming the models & textures board to something like "Map Assets" and adding categories for sounds, skyboxes. Then make another board something like "Personal Customization" where things like the scout and Nova's hats can go.
    This keeps them separate when people are looking for things to use in their map, but also lets our users show off other things they've made (Nova does maps and hats, no reason to shun him from showing us the hats).

    However, that's as far as I would go. Just have an extra board for things like that but don't really advertise about it. We do maps, and we do maps well. This is because that's what we all do and we have very knowledgeable people on the subject. If you open up into other areas you end up "diluting" the knowledge/skill on a specific subject.
    People come to us for map related things because we're known for it. If we don't have sufficient knowledge in other subjects we would run the risk of becoming a "dumping ground" for content like FPSB is.

    I don't really know where I'm going with this, so I'll just end my ramble now.
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  11. ratclaw

    ratclaw L2: Junior Member

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    I'm in favor of keeping to the mapping with a bit of other content. Otherwise this may end up a cesspool of custom models and sounds that no one actually uses.

    Just keep the extra files to things such as the Hoodoo bomb cart. Even then, custom models typically work best if they're designed for a single map.
  12. Acumen

    aa Acumen Annoyer

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    i don't think it's necessary to create another sub-forum/board on this topic. we talked about the model-forums in this thread here:
    [ame=""]Models & Textures request sub-forum. -[/ame]

    and DJive said, there'll be some changes soon - but i hope he didn't mean the change in this thread right here :D )

    the hats and the player models fit right in the "model & texture" category, in my opinion - since they are both models ;)
    why create another subforum for 2-3 new threads a months (i guess). the forums are pretty hard to follow as it is right now - no need for another board, from my side ^^
    like the others said, its mostly about mapcreating in here and that's awesome.
    i mean the hats and the player models got great critique and feedback and nobody said "you're in the wrong place here" as far as i remember. people were very positive about this "not so common" content, so why change that at all :)
    may i quote:
    i think the bigger problem on the modeling side is the "overcrowded request" stuff and i really hope DJive can comment on this (just because i contacted him via pm and he said, you'll guys take care of this problem in the future) and we can discuss in the other pasted thread about this issue again.
    that's just my opinion, though :)

    edit: oh and no new domain, either, plz :D
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  13. Scotland Tom

    Scotland Tom L6: Sharp Member

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    More custom content in regards to mapping is a good thing. More custom content as it relates to the greater modification of TF2 would seem to undermine the focus TF2Maps has as a mapping community. I think Snark's basic idea appropriately expands TF2Maps' focus on mapping without overextending it into other areas.
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  14. Wegason

    Wegason L4: Comfortable Member

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    This and what ABS has said are something I strongly agree with.
  15. Terr

    aa Terr Cranky Coder

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    I'd also like to mention particles and sounds/soundscapes. (But by all that is holy I will fight any and all attempts to put in those UT/Quake announcer clips!)

    ... Er, except for ctf_muse's deliberate quakey style, of course :mellow:
  16. A Boojum Snark

    aa A Boojum Snark Toraipoddodezain Mazahabado

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    another possibility, since my reasoning for a secondary board is to allow our users some place to show their wares, would be to make this new board have a post count requirement for new threads. That way it is more likely to stay as a side-place for people active in our community and not just fill with people signing up just to post their random things.
  17. The Political Gamer

    aa The Political Gamer

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    What A Boojum Snark said. :p

    Oh and could we get a poll up for this too?
  18. Fraz

    aa Fraz Blu Hatte, Greyscale Backdrop.

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    Nice Idea ABS. I like it. Mapping Assets -> Sounds; Textures; Models; Requests; Other Media (this would be skins, models etc) Also, I was wondering on something such as an artwork subforum in offtopic for people to post their artwork, drawings, etc. Just throwing that out there...
  19. Vander

    Vander L8: Fancy Shmancy Member

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    I agree with everything ABS said.
  20. Radaka

    Radaka L7: Fancy Member

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