Customized Headless horsemann

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    Heyo, I'm making a map that would involve a frozen ice themed level and I wanted to create a customized version of the Headless Horsemann. By customized, I mean redesign him, remodel him, reanimate, and recreate the sounds, but I have several Questions:
    1: Is it possible to replace the Headless Horsemann in 1 specific map?
    2: Am I able to animate the Headless Horsemann with SFM?
    3: How am I able to spawn him in the map?
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    1: HHH is just a model parented to an AI entity. Hell, if you want you can parent the payload model to it.
    2: I believe you can export animations as file formats the core game likes to eat in SFM.
    3: Just like any prop. It's a prop_dynamic parent to an AI entity (although I do not know which one). The map needs a navigation mesh though, like bots, or it will not move around the map.
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    From tf/gameinfo.txt:
    Meaning you can package in files (like the model of the HHH) into your map, named the same as the existing game files, and it will override the file for your map only. It used to be 'until the server restarted' but steampipe added this cool feature.

    Our own Beetle guy made a tutorial a while back on how to spawn a HHH in your own map.
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    Oh cool. So that means I can reskin anything I want, from sound files to hit decals, and just pack them in without having to use that other method Aly mentioned a while back? Pity that we're just now learning this.
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    1: Yes. There's a map that uses a boss from The Legend of Zelda game.
    2: Yes. But I'm not sure if you can import your animations into the model so easily.
    3: Just place an entity called "headless_hatman" in your map and give it "targetname" "<name>"
    Then just add that name into a point_template for spawning it.
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    just rerig the hunter from l4d