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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Heyman, Apr 15, 2014.

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    Yeah i know this is a stoopid question, apart from servers i cannot find any other servers that are populated and play ''serious'' custom maps (not including trade plaza mario kart), does anyone know a few?
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    Very few custom maps servers exist.

    There's a couple reasons why custom map servers are usually unpopulated.

    To start off, you have to remember that people aren't usually willing to download maps that they don't know. trade_plaza and mario_kart are map names that you can see are not going to be very serious. However, nobody's going to look for a server running koth_quarry because they don't know what koth_quarry is. Nobody's willing to download a map they've never heard of to play probably once with potentially no-one.

    And if one person doesn't do that, neither is anyone else, leaving for an unpopulated server that's up for pretty much no reason.

    Having said this, there are a couple servers I know that run custom maps occasionally, one of them being the Lion's Den ( I know they run swiftwater every now and then, and some others, but I'm too lazy to check right now.

    Hopefully tf2maps servers can get some traction and have people on them more often, because there's a lot of custom maps that are way better than official maps.
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    STAR_'s east coast server runs a lot of custom maps aswell as official maps, and is populated almost all the time. Do remember that minisentries won't work there, so of that's your thing it migth be quite boring. It is also one of the higher skill level pubs out there.
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    That man apparently has no posts. That's pretty interesting. On a topic related note, does anyone know of some good EU custom map servers? There are some that appear from time to time, but many run a limited number of popular custom maps (pro viaduct, etc) rather than anything truly new.
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    Some Youtuber called Moysey89 has an alright server that runs custom maps, have seen ctf_aeroplane and koth_suijin on it. Pretty chill player base, not as high skill as Star's
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    Posts in some sections of the forum don't count to your post count RubbishyUser, so you can't spam the forums to get Veteran status like Trotim has for instance.

    As for custom servers, I think the reddit Official unofficial ones played some, The Drunkern Brawl is a US East coast server (, UKCS #2 ( and #8 Payload Extreme ( though on #8 they are all maps that acomidate the 32man quick respawn spamfest so most of those maps are what fits and not what's good imo.
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