Custom sounds adding - if you have done those in your map, please reply

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    I thought i would ask this directly, since the search gives a lot of answers but not all in once and i'm kind of tired of searching these things. So if you have worked with custom sounds on Valve games, you understand my point. Especially with L4D series related in was pain in the butt.

    Looking for answers for these questions:

    1. If I add custom sound to TF2, i assume it is possible without precaching and such? If precaching is required, what are the idiot proof steps to not fail in adding sound?
    2. What format does it need to be in? MP3, wav? Are there certain sub-settings that it needs to have like mono sound only or similiar? I assume extensive packing is a no-no so the sound really plays to everyone and game understands the format.
    3. I know you need to pack them up but can you play those just ambient_generic or does it have to involve a soundscape in some cases?

    I assume i can add them up just as i think but i would like to confirm it works like i think it will. I would also like to know if there are things i can avoid to encounter so i can save time without trial and error. Thanks.
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    1. I don't believe you need to precache, there are no special steps in adding sounds in your level.
    2. You should take a look at the miscellaneous sound VPK, that will answer your 2nd question fully. The short answer is you can use mp3 or wav, but wav's cannot exceed 44.1khz, 16-bit stereo. MP3's I wouldn't use unless you're really concerned about file size because you can't loop them. I think you can use up to 320kbps for those.
    3. Of course you can use them with ambient_generic. There's no restrictions on custom sounds just because they weren't included in the base files.
    As for tips, if you're planning on creating looping sounds for soundscapes, make sure to add loop points using GoldWave or Wavosaur. They will not loop without them. I've also noticed there's probably a maximum allowable file size for looped sounds, you will need to experiment with formats and clip length if you have issues getting a longer sample to loop.

    I was in the process of writing a very long and thorough soundscapes tutorial a few weeks ago, complete with a section about custom sounds, but I lost motivation.
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    You can make mp3s loopable but nobody really knows how that works. You should always try to use mp3 whenever possible because filesize.
    Definately use soundscapes if your sound just plays randomly/constantly at certein places/everywhere.
    Use soundscripts if you want to trigger the sound but still want things like random soundfile and all that.
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    I kinda cheated on this. I decompled the mario kart map. The origional one. Mario_kart from almost 10 years ago. I copied the func_button and the ambient_generic from it and then changed the file names to my mp3 files.

    I use VIDE to pack mine into the maps. Make sure when you do a scan that all the scan options are checked.
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    I could actually really use a tutorial like that I'm making a nintendo based map and i need a couple different songs to play at different parts of the map, ambient generic wont work if i have more than one song so if this is motivation for you that would be great.