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    i have made my vtf for the skybox i want
    its a nice dark sky wiht pretty stars and all but i can't seem to get it to work as a skybox
    can someone walk me through how to get it as a skybox
    maybe a vmt thing i need to do
    or special placement of it

    thanks for any help you provide
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    I know I'm a bit late but...
    have you only created one texture? because I think you need 6 for up,down,left,right,front,back
    so the name of the textures should be:
    sky_name_01bk = back
    sky_name_01dn = down
    sky_name_01ft = front
    sky_name_01lf = left
    sky_name_01rt = right
    sky_name_01up = you can guess this one ;D
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