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Custom sentry skin and specs + .fgd

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by MoonQuake, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. MoonQuake

    MoonQuake L3: Member

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    Hi folks,

    I'm looking for a way to create a "semi" custom-made sentry that would just be a re-skin of the regular sentry gun with different specs. It would not replace the sentry in the game but would be a new sentry completely based on the original one that you can also put in a map.

    I'm looking for the (I believe it is) .qc file in which the specifications of the sentries are predefined. I looked through the gcf archives and couldn't find any .qc files.
    Maybe it's rather one the numerous files that are in the same folder that the sentry gun models themselves?

    After that, I'd have to make myself a custom .fgd to be able to pick it from the list of entities available for TF2 and put it in my map. I'm not sure how to do that. Not sure how to edit a .fgd file to add a new entry and make it point at my "new" sentry.

    Have you guys ever tinkered with these files?

  2. martijntje

    martijntje L8: Fancy Shmancy Member

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    tf/scripts/objects.txt (use GFCscape)
    that file has got quite some properties of buildables (sapper included)

    hope it helps
  3. Open Blade

    Open Blade L7: Fancy Member

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    I've always thought it would be cool to have different types of sentry guns and not just different levels of the same type. It would be cool for example, to have a sentry gun that was rigged to shoot out flames rather then rockets or bullets. Of course maybe it would be more suited for smaller places since the flame wouldn't reach as far as bullets or rockets.
  4. SiniStarR

    SiniStarR L8: Fancy Shmancy Member

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    you have to decompile the model to obtain it's qc file. The qc file is for the model properties. like animations, weight, scale, etc.
  5. A Boojum Snark

    aa A Boojum Snark Toraipoddodezain Mazahabado

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    QC files contain the information for compiling a model. They are not related to interactive functions in the game.

    FGD files are only for telling Hammer what is available in the game. Adding things to the FGD does not do anything unless the code actually exists in the game.

    What you want to do would require a server-side plugin that creates custom entity code. It's not something you can do on the map level.
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