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Discussion in 'Request Area' started by DrLambda, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Hi, i need a custom metal awning for plr_hierarch. Currently, i'm using props_trainyard/awning001.mdl, but they were always to short for the doors i'm using them for, and now that i raised the doors by 16hu, they finally look completely like ass.

    So i need either a custom version of awning001 which increases the width to 192hu (or a bit (not too much) bigger) or a completely custom awning which fits into these dimensions: 192hu width, ~72hu depth, ~36-40hu height. They're important for gameplay, as slower classes can use them to reach the roof, so i can't use anything thats too far off these dimensions.

    Also, if something like that already exists, let me know. Thanks!