Custom folder set up question

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Oct 6, 2008
Hi Guys!

I've been thinking of doing another mpl (multiple payload map) but have a question about files.

Since the payload game type pulls it's information from several areas to create the HUD.

Can I make a custom folder structure in the 'Custom' folder and then make a duplicate file structure of the related files (which will be modified for the HUD to work in the mpl format)?

I would then pack these files into the map (would need to know how to do this or is it like other custom content?) and most importantly - would the packed files be the source for the HUD or would it default back to the regular HUD files? I don't want my custom files to overwrite someone's actual files for the game.

If any of you are interested or need to know some of the background issues of the problems I had when doing this originally read this thread:

Oh, and lastly, does anyone know how to modify the payload glow around the cart so that I could have both payloads glowing at the same time?


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May 8, 2010
I don't think the default HUD lets you override it from files packed in a map, only from mods inside the client's custom/ folder structure.