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May 24, 2022
so im currently making a map, which is my first time, i have done plenty of things so far had good comments, but im currently stuck on ideas, i would like to work on my map more, adding areas for different things, adding levels to the same map, anything you can give me, i hope to work on my map more and if you need any photos to help brainstorm ill be happy to send some.


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Mar 13, 2021
Hello! We're a lot more active on our Discord server unfortunately. We do have a WIP and Mapping Help channel if you need help with anything in particular. It's a bit hard to know what to suggest adding to your map since we know so little about it right now. As far as getting ideas for maps, most people say that they get inspiration from playing other people's maps, so feel free to join us when we host one of our map playtest sessions. We announce them as soon as they start in our Steam group as well as our Discord server.