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Cubemaps wont work

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by pisaman2, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. pisaman2

    pisaman2 L1: Registered

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    I recently added cubemaps to my map but they don't seem to be working. I have tried putting them in every room at player height and also near reflective surfaces such as windows. When I compile and enter

    mat_specular 0
    mat_specular 1

    I still get the horrible purple/black squares on reflective surfaces. I have changed skyboxes and everything. Any advice?
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  2. NovaSilisko

    aa NovaSilisko L42: Life, the Universe and Everything

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    Explained in chat. =p
  3. grazr

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    You'll need to reload your materials after building your cubemaps. Either type into your console "mat_reloadallmaterials" with sv_cheats set to 1 or load another map.. say 2fort for the sakes of chosing another map, to replace the cached materials of your previous map. So your materials are reloaded when you run the map again.