Cubemaps Error- Help!

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    Yes, it's me again. After years. Not that any of you remember me.

    I've just been lurking around, watching you all.

    Imagine that. All this time I've been watching you.



    Anyway, I've got a problem, and I was hoping you guys could help me.
    I've been working on my KotH map, and I've hit a snag.

    I was building the cubemaps as normal, but I made a mistake when I was doing the console commands. And I made it disturbingly shiny.

    See image.

    Oh God, the brighness. My eyes are melting. :O

    Why did I take this many screenshots?

    Anyway, is there some way I can reset the cubemaps? I know that I still have the purple checkboard of satanism reflections too. I got rid of them last time but they came back when I broke yet another masterpeice.

    So, help me out, please!
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