ctf_strife [OPEN] [ALPHA]

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    This was kind of a first attempt at making a map for normal gameplay. The things I did before this were for very low playercounts (ultiduo/ultrio) or pub DMing. So, I probably made a lot of mistakes, but it's not like I'm gonna finish this so I might as well put it out here, I believe.

    Note that this map isn't meant for anything higher than 8v8 and probably wouldn't even play well at that size of play in its current state. I also have a limited number of spawn points due to this expectation.
    I was going to make another flank as a valley or small canyon snaking through the map. It would go underneath the middle, snaking around the choke and coming up on the opposite side of the intel platform to the flank/shack.
    I have a capture point in the middle of the map that's supposed to open up extra routes for flag grabbers to take, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work well.
    I tried making it so that rocketjumping to move around is worthwhile while giving players in secure areas the terrain to deal with people rocketjumping into them, because of inspiration from CPMA's NTF gamemode. Also, scouts can jump up each level of the flag stand, and can jump from the nearby concrete surface onto the mid level, both of which are intentional.

    I want some kind of attribution for the base of the map if someone works on it directly, but nothing special. Obviously I don't expect credit if someone just uses a piece of geometry or a layout/design concept.

    vmf only: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1811521/ctf_strife_a3(vmf).zip
    vmf+bsp in 7z: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1811521/ctf_strife_a3(vmf+bsp).7z (Note: BSP has cubemaps built ingame)
    last compile log: http://64.vg/ulM/raw
    The download above is a zip of the vmf+bsp.

    Please tell me if I made a mistake with this post, I tried to follow the sticky.