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    Map Name :ctf_pitwar
    Time Spent: 2 Years now lol because kids nuff said :)

    This is a dual sided capture the flag map. The center of this map contains an outdoor area set inside the canyon pit. There are multiple area's of cover and ways to sneak past opponets and into the enemies base via tunnels, jumps, you name it. Both bases mirror each other exactly, making navigation of the map easy to learn. This map is friendly for all classes and contains Soldier, Scout and Demoman friendly jump zones and intense choke points. I have also included a target range with breakable targets for players to shoot at for fun. There are two spawn points for each team. Some have said it looks like 2_fort or Gorge. Which I can see but I built the map from the first block up.

    I am removing the map for download until I can get the optimization fixed and perhaps open some area's up. Input is still appreciated.

    Thanks everyone!

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  2. ForbiddenDonut

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    Why did you work on this map for months without having it properly tested?

    First off - the map is extremely long and convoluted. Getting the flag from one end of this to the other is insane. You have a compilation of ridiculously tight corridors that lead to a mid that is just complete prop spam.

    Some of these rooms make it impossible to play any class that isn't a Pyro, Heavy or Demoman. This entire room is seriously like 128 units wide.

    None of these problems even compare, however, to the worst one: optimization - or the complete lack of it. My computer is quite powerful. I rarely take large FPS hits. However, whenever you look at the opposite side of the map, my FPS takes a shit. From the flag rooms, it drops to 12-14 FPS.

    So I took a wireframe picture of your map: the entire thing is rendered from any position. Everything from here to BLU's flag room is completely rendered.

    You need to optimize, open up the rooms in the bases, shorten the map considerably and reduce your prop entity count by a large margin.
  3. phi

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    No, no no no no no no no you neeeeeed to optimizeeee nowwww

    You're lucky you have a decent computer, ForbiddenDonut.
    I got consistently 1 FPS on this map. EVERYWHERE. I cannot state this enough; OPTIMIZE. And if you don't know how to do it, then here's what I used to learn it: http://www.optimization.interlopers.net/

    I can't even give any feedback to the layout because it is so laggy. I cannot imagine how this would play for me with a full server. Oh lawdy.

    (It looks nice from the screenshots though)
  4. GPuzzle

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    Man, with proper optomization, few corrections and you got one hell of a map. Also follow PDT and ForbbidenDonut suggenstions. Those guys know what they are doing.
  5. Faux Rhinoceros

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    This makes me sad.

    You could probably have spared yourself for a lot of trouble by testing it ongoing.
    Now, you should expect to do massive amounts of layout tweaks WHILE having to worry about your details.
    Saying that a map is final doesn't make it final. This isn't quite final.

    once you get some optimization going, I suggest that you get the map tested, so you can find out where the buggers are (there is always, ALWAYS, problems with a fresh, untested layout.)

    While you're at it, the amount of props and other details is simply mind stressing. You'd be better of reducing it.
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    Well looks like I have work to do. I didn't have it properly tested because I was unaware of sites like this :) I understand your frustration with narrow hallways in certain area's. I don't understand though what you consider prop spam in the center? Please explain I feel like if I start removing props it will take away from the map. I'm not saying I disagree with optimization though, I will work on that for sure. Because that wireframe picture is horrible!

    Thanks for the feedback PDT and ForbiddenDonut.
  7. Lhimez

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    Reading the description makes me feel like someone is promptly forcing a commercial into my face. As for the layout (having just looked at the pictures) its way too big, too complicated, with no focused areas people would seem to hang around in. I assume that makes for an experience where people would just wander around to find someone to kill or to get killed by (which, essentially, is what ctf is all about, if it isnt turbine were talking about). I like small, open and simplistic maps, viable for great tactics. Running down a corridor, perhaps spamming the end of it, doesnt seem that much fun to me.
  8. Micnax

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    Well, you can replace some parts of the landscape that are made up by props with brushwork, such as more buildings or walls etc. It adds more of a variety to the map and you can optimize them much easier too.
  9. Pocket

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    OK, here's what I recommend doing since you've already got a beta that looks like a finished map but is unplayable for various reasons: Treat it as a piece of 3D concept art. Hang on to it, but rebuild the layout from scratch with dev textures and minimal prop use. Call that your first alpha and submit it for testing. Continue to adjust and tweak it as you get feedback from testers. When you finally have an acceptable, well-optimized layout, give it an artpass using your original beta as a visual guideline and call that your new beta. Then test that to make sure it doesn't interfere with playability.

    And don't hesitate to ask for advice on the hows and whys. Your optimization issue in particular looks like a technical problem rather than a layout one; I'm sure we can help with stuff like that.