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    ctf_machine_shop_a1 is a map inspired by ctf_turbine and attempts to address a main problem (imo) with most if not all valve ctf maps: they can be shut down with 2-3 well coordinated engineers.
    Here are the screenshots included as a imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/mawVg
    Note: when I refer to "near" means closer to the spawn point than "far".
    • The spawn has two exits, one in the far right side of the room and one on the left. There is a resupply cabinet next to each door.
      • There are 16 spawn points: enough for a 32 player server.
    • Outside of the two spawn exits is a lobby filled with varying storage and shipping-receiving props. There are three exits in this room: one leading to the team's intel and two leading to the mid.
      • The exit leading to the intel is at the far left corner of the room.
      • One exit leading to the mid is at the far center-right of the room. This exit also features access to the vents which lead into the intel.
        • The vents feature breakable grates.
      • Another exit is in the far right corner of the room which leads down a large ramp that snakes to the left. This exit leads to the near left of the mid room.
    • The intel room is situated to the left of the spawn lobby between it and the mid room.
      • In the near right corner of the room is a drop-down from the vents above that lands in a cubicle with a medium health-pack.
        • Any sentries in the intel room will target you but usually won't be able to fire at you in time.
      • In the middle left side of the intel room sits the intelligence itself on a desk.
      • On the middle right side near an exit to the mid are some separated desks that have been shoved out of the way by the mercenaries to make more room.
      • In the far right corner of the intel is an exit to the mid.
      • This room features 3 points of entry, just like ctf_turbine. However two more points of entry were planned: one through one of the windows and one through a door in the near left corner of the room.
    • The mid room is unfinished and has only some I-beams spanning across the room.
    • The entire map was meant to be mirrored rotational. However with some tweaking you could probably manage to get away with a regular mirror.
    In the .zip file you will find screenshots of most of the map along with a .vmf and .bsp file. No custom assets were used.
    If you manage to finish this map or use one or more of its rooms I request you give me credit.

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    i will bring it life!!!!
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