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    DOWNLOAD : http://www.floridaownage.com/CTF_Rush House.zip

    Author : ReyOwn$

    Description : This is an Intelligence map where you have to capture the enemys intel and return it to your base to score points. This is my first beta version. I will be adding a sewer system on my next release.

    NOTES :
    -HDR lighting
    -Use the roofs to your advantage !
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    looks good

    wrong forum though, if its a beta it should be under work in progress
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    I just took a quick glimpse and I noticed 2 things:
    - the file contained in the zip file has a space in it, when I try to start a server
    it says it doesn't find Rush.bsp. When I added a _ it worked.
    - both intel cases and capture points look bright white.

    Other then that the map looks fine and there seems to be a lot of opportunity for trick jumping, that's nice :)