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    Geothermal - ctf_geothermal_b2


    MAP Info -

    Title: ctf_geothermal_b2
    Version: Beta 2.0
    Filename: ctf_geothermal_b2.bsp
    Created By: Jon Ridehalgh - [RL]Paria
    Author Email: zen112880@zen.co.uk
    Steam Contact: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197971006146
    Compile Date: 26/03/2008

    Beta 2.0 Changelist
    Fixed various nodraw surfaces being visible
    Improved spawn rooms to make it easier to distinguish on which level you have spawned on.
    Added Playerclips to Blue spawn and numerous other areas
    Fixed engineers being able to build in some areas of the spawn rooms
    Fixed Intel getting stuck in various areas
    Toned Down ambient sounds in most areas
    Added smoothing groups to certain areas
    Added Basic 3d Skybox
    Added 1 new route for attackers/defenders - right of the upper spawn exit.
    Added more detail and colour to the main section
    Increased Lighting and ambient lighting and reduced the fog effect for better visibility


    Program: Hammer/Photoshop
    Known Bugs: None
    Compile Time: 28 minutes
    HDR: Yes


    Extract the zip file to
    ...Steam/steamapps/"Your Steam ID"/team fortress 2/tf/maps


    Thanks to:
    All of the Renegade Legion TF2 Community for helping me test the map
    http://tf2maps.net for all their help and assistance,
    feedback from players from Beta 1