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Discussion in 'WIP (Work in Progress)' started by tortilaman, Sep 22, 2008.

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    Ok Guys, this is my first map, and I'm really excited about it. It's a very interesting hybrid of CTF and CP play styles. In the middle of my map there is a control point, which the entire map revolves around. Either team can capture it, and when captured, it lowers (it's an elevator) to the flag room. a door closes above it to prevent sticky spam and stuff. touch or shoot the up arrow to go back up. Flags are captured in the enemy base.

    Flag capturing has some details to it though. (not sure if i want to keep it this way, but it has been fun in private testing.
    1) Flag can only be captured when your team owns the control point
    2) If you have flag and enemy captures point, intel disables, so the "aura" is still on your back, but you can't capture
    3) Because of this, red knows who to kill for when blue gets the intel

    That's pretty much the description of the map. I think play testing from some of you would be a huge help, so some time maybe i could set that up. Here are the screen shots anyways.


    Sorry, lots of images. just wanted to get everything across.