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Apr 7, 2019
ctf_cursed_scoot - Join the cult today!

Cursed Scoot is a relatively small sized CTF joke map I made for TF2 that has many flank paths for intense guarding gameplay and is the first real thing I was able to make with Hammer with little technical issues. I took inspiration from certain parts of 2Fort and the "viaduct formula," as well as some mvm-style paths, all leading to a central arena with a control point for bragging rights or future variations of the CP gamemode maps. This map is meant to be shenanigans so if some technical exploit is present, it's most likely meant to be that way, but please do report any bugs/exploits or criticisms, though make sure nothing else similar is posted already.

Though this is mainly made for Scoots, Trolldiers, Hoovies, and Engies, you should still try playing and planning out basic tf2 strategies to see how well it plays out for more intense games. Here's a motivational checklist of play methods or tasks you can do to help test:

-Try doing a push with a Heavy-Medic combo (and maybe a few other mercs) through the choke point under the balconies and have the opposite team defend with an Engie.
-See how easy it is to get on the arch as Trollgier, Scout, and bonus points for Hoovy.
-Defend the bridge from an across-bridge push.
-Have a Sniper duel on the arena balconies.
-See how the one-way doors to the arena add to the fun of Scoot being tossed into action.
-See how Sniper can abuse the one-way door cover and report sightlines that may need covered (This has been fixed by )
-Have demo try to counter sniper by sticky-trapping the one-way door.
-See how long you can cap and defend the arena point.
-See how Engie works on the mini platform behind the team logo sign post.
-Go through the intel shortcut
-Have Scoot or Spy flank the smaller left ramp to intel
-Do a main push under the bridge and up the big ramp
-Defend the intel room at all costs, preferably with Engies.
-Make it up to the front intel door as Trolldier or Scoot and see how long you can hold off until the door opens
-Make it back out of intel room through front door.
-See how mobile Scoot is at stock, with The Force o Nature, with The Atomizer, with The Winger, etc...
-Test with bots (but keep in mind they're idiots.)

Some future variants that may be made if I get a solid version of the first map going:

hybrid_cursed_scoot (cp needs to be beaten by either team before intel unlocks and becomes playable)

More balances, props/obstacles, details, and environmental touch ups will be added eventually until the finished ctf gamemode, then I will move on to making the other variations along with another simpler map I have planned if I feel motivated enough.

v2 Update
-More props for cover and decore, as well as little hints to playing the map
-You can now jump over the chokepoint buildings as Trolldier, Demo, etc... but you can't land on em cause the roof is acid and pushes you off the edges. (Stole that one from UEAKCrash)
-Bombs on the bridge to defend against longhaul pushes or enemy Engies
-Added see-through cover in front of the doors so you can't snipe through but people can still see you rush out.

v3 Update
-Opened up the under ground section.
-Removed a few of the bridge bombs.
-Did some retexturing
-Raised the cap point in the middle so that Sniper couldn't head click through both choke points.
-Fixed the conveyors on the roof ledges not pushing you off in the right direction.
-You can now slip into the 'intel shortcut' from the side banners.