CTF ctf_2turbine a1

take a guess what this map is about

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    ctf_2turbine - take a guess what this map is about

    feedback pls & thanx
    also sorry bout crappy pic
  2. Muddy

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    I'm disappointed you didn't call it 2bine.

    Also you should probably take an in-game screenshot rather than a Hammer screenshot.
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  3. CriminalBunny

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    If you're gonna put a hammer screenshot at least try to hide the tool brushes
    The pic would be clearer that way
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  4. hutty

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    it is especially misrepresentitive because the map is actually a very dark night map.

    As for feedback ... the map needs work

    Overall it is way too dark. Try adding lights outside, look at koth_king, plr_pipeline, and ctf_doublecross. Even though they are at night, the play areas are still well lit.

    Secondly, what is up with the sentry on top of the bases? ... There is no value to being up on top of the base (there are walls so players cannot shoot to/from there), plus it annoys the people in the base with its constant beeping. I suggest clipping off the base tops entirely.

    Thirdly, the stairs in this map are really wonky. The ones in mid cannot be climbed due to their size, and the ones in base aren't clipped so you get all jittery while going up. (normally you will want to use an invisible player-clip ramp on all of your stairs.

    Fourthly, the lighting is too dynamic, many of the places that are bright enough to see have red or yellow lights that makes it hard to tell what team the other players are on. (not to mention the flashing lights). Please keep light colors subtle except for small accent areas.

    Fifthly, alot of the texture choices don't really makes sense. Its a big mishmash of TF2 HL2 and development textures. Try to avoid using halflife textures in tf2 maps (you can type "tf" in the texture browser's keywords box to filter out all non tf2 textures)

    Also a lot of textures are misaligned or stretched horribly.


    Anyways, its going to be hard to get good feedback from people with the above issues grabbing their immediate attention.
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