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Neal Kenneth

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Sep 20, 2015
ctf_2fort_newfort - Helping out an old friend

The goal of this redesign is to take 2fort and streamline gameplay, making it less random and spammy. At the same time, we hope to preserve the features of 2fort that make it iconic (the sniper decks, the turtle nests around intel, the long walks through sewers etc.)

The spiral route and ramp route are now more clearly separated, giving them greater purpose and reducing choke. Players have been encouraged to commit to attacking or defending a certain route instead of being able to switch easily between the two.

Here are most of the changes, with explanation for the reasoning behind some.

View attachment 71723

Ammo packs have been added to the outdoor areas to encourage tomfoolery.

View attachment 71724

The main spawn now opens centrally into the battlements and the second spawn has been removed. The floor grating has been closed.

View attachment 71725

A one-way door has been added to the sewer exit and a health pack has been added to the entryway. These changes will help attackers gain a foothold and push forward.

View attachment 71726

The ground floor has been opened up to allow for more interesting combat.

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The set of stairs and resupply cabinet nearest to the spawn door have been removed. Clutter has also been added outside the door to spiral. Hopefully, this will reduce spawn camping and sentry griefing.

View attachment 71728

A sneaky ventilation route to the intel room has been added...

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The intel resupply has been reduced to a medium health pack.

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...the exit balcony of the sneaky ventilation route. This route should help bust open the turtle nest without favoring the attackers too much.

Let us know your thoughts and whether you noticed any issues! We hope to finish this up and launch it to Workshop soon.


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Nov 14, 2009
All your images broke, somehow. I think maybe the attachment system went down again?