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    I'm making a ctf map, but it has a kill cliff/pit on the side like arena_lumberyard. If I fall of the edge with the intel it sits on the inaccessible floor until the return timer is up. There is no way this would work with griefers and even the occasional accidental death. Is there a way to place a trigger that returns the intel if it enters a certain area?

    Also, I have a pit of electrified water in the center of the map. I'm undecided on whether or not I should put the same effect (if possible) on the floor there. The trigger_hurt is 25dmg/sec, but with the turbines you can get out without taking too much damage. My plan is to let the intel fall down there, as an effective defense strategy. Your thoughts?

    Pic of the electric room.
    The trigger on the bottom is water with a trigger_hurt.
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    func_respawnflag will send the flag home. This entity was recently added to the game and doesn't exist in the default FGD. See my sig for my resource pack which (among many other things) gives you easy access to the entity.
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