CSGO closes on "Gathering Resources" when loading my map. (Need advice)

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    It's been quite a while since I've been on here. I've been pretty busy with uni and all, but recently
    got into CSGO more and decided to make map.
    In my latest build of the map whenever I open it it goes to the "Gathering Resources" part of the loading screen and then the game just closes itself. No warnings, No errors.

    So I did some digging on the internet, as you do, Saw some stuff about how pressing alt+P gives you a list of all the errors. I had some, I fixed them. But still it crashes.
    I also saw people talk about the importance of proper skyboxes, and how a hollow rectangle won't do.
    So I made a proper one.

    After all this, it still just doesnt launch. And from what I can tell the compiler seemed clean when it ran (I have no idea if it saves the logs of it so yeah..)

    Oh and it's not a computer issue, earlier builds of my map still load. So it's something Else I did.

    (only thing that changed mostly were some more static_props, and some extra brushes and repositioning of stuff.)

    If you can help me, please do
    Thanks in advance,


    ( https://imgur.com/a/EaGam some images of the map, incase you spot something that's obviously wrong)

    Also added the log as an attachement.

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    Check to make sure no player spawns or other point entities are inside a brush. That was happening to me and it caused my csgo map to not load.