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    cpctf_open_source_rc1 To Download the Map Source and Playable file.
    Also the forum for it is at www.mapcrafter.com

    (in order to meet the criteria of "a map", this specific map will not be modified in RC1, this is the final release for RC1, so this IS a real map)

    First i want to thank TF2Maps.net Community, just for existing, i used alot of forum posts here to create my map, and i will be giving full credit on my wiki when its up, along with tutorials on how i fixed the problems people ran into while attempting what i did.

    Also i plan to contribute greatly to the TF2Maps.Net when i can

    The more Control Points your team owns, the more the flag captures are worth.

    If the Flag is Dropped, you have 7 seconds to pick it up before it returns to the flag spawn point

    The 3 middle locked points are just flag identifiers on the HUD, so that people might pick on where the flag is, and where to take it. Unfortunetly using other textures and importing them proved very difficult to actually work in the game. But i wanted this map to be the base for others, so i did not make it terribly complex graphically.

    You may MODIFY this map, and call it your own, and you can link to it on my forum, in addition if you come out with any nifty tricks youve added, please contribute them to the forum and wiki.

    I am a firm believer that if everyone helps eachother out, we can all progress together, the little bit of pride of holding onto what others dont have, is not as valuable as having others help you push past your own creative boundaries. - Robert D. Quinones (Tripknotix)

    This map is Open Source, and the Hammer files are available at www.mapcrafter.com

    sign up for the forum if you have any questions, and a wiki will be available soon for detailed step by step information.

    as well, credit to mapping code theorists ;)

    alot of forum posts contributed to this map and you will see those people getting credit when the wiki is up.
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    Hey can someone tell me how to upload the file here to the tfmaps.net server, so its in the list of downloads?
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    no pics, no clicks