CP cp_workstrained A1

Three stage A/D map

  1. Startacker!

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    cp_workstrained - Three stage A/D map

    A someone quickly made 3 point A/D map, just up for testing how the layout will work. Control points are close quarters with connecting areas being somewhat long and open.

    Blue spawn with A

    Connection from A to B


    Connection from B to C, with RED's first spawn point
  2. sooshey

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    I can tell you already you'll need some cover and alternate routes between B and C. There's no other way for BLU to go and they'll be easily spammed out.
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  3. Viperi

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    Agreed. It will be hard to attack RED, when most of the areas are open yards connected with small buildings, easily defendable buildings.
  4. radarhead

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    You've got a bit of "Cp_Orange" syndrome going on with those first couple of open spaces. Where's the height differences? The hills? The cliff walls, fence bits, barrels, rocks and pits that make other maps so fun to play on? Flat space is important to have, but with too much of it your map becomes a mindless spamfest and sniper heaven. I recommend looking at some of your favorite A/D maps in game, look at what elements they have in their connecting areas, and see if you can incorporate a few of them into your map. The key to being a TF2 mapper is to simply break the "flat and boxy" habit!