cp_well trains - back and forth thru the skybox

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    okay, after searching for awhile on the forums i cant exactly find a post about this. if, one exists, simply redirect me to it and that'll be done with.
    anyway, how is it done? ive looked at the decompiled version of well, and it seems like so much junk to make sense of. how do they get them to come thru the sky and into the world, and then back in? i want to implement something like this is my next map, so a guide to it would be appreciated.
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    They don't. There is a sky train and a real world train, which trigger each other upon reaching the proper paths.
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    Also you have to know a thing with skyboxes. They are allways rendered as the background even if objects in it actualy are closer. This means that the skybox train doesnt have to stop when the real world one starts. simply because the normal world gets rendered over it.