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Apr 2, 2017
cp_underland_a1 - My first map, it sucks but I want feedback.

My first map. I know it sucks, but I'm hoping to get some feedback from the official TF2Maps server on how I can do better. I'm mostly trying to get a feel for the design of the map (and also how Hammer works), then I'll try out detailing.


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Jan 20, 2018
Well, there are 4 main things that make this map (putting it frankly) bad:
1. Oversized: Slower Classes are practically useless the larger the map; if there is no reason to play a specific class, then people who main that class may be less inclined to play that map, as playing a map that is bad for your class isn't fun. I suggest you start testing your future map compiles with soldier.

2. Bad Chokes/Tunnels: Tunnels are the objectively bad design. In a Tunnel, you have very little positional advantage, and spam is almost mandatory. This leads to tunnels generally being very uninteresting if not infuriating to play. TL;DR , Tunnels are bad and it is better to be Overly open than overly small. I'd rather play Hightower over Junction any day.

3. Long cap times: Staying in the same place for a long time is kinda boring...

4. No interesting structures: To simplify, flat isnt that complex to play one, and has no interesting height advantage. Try to add some structure to the map that is more interesting to move on... Also try to avoid getting the map too cluttered