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Discussion in 'Maps' started by Vilepickle, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Stag - cp_stag_b2



    Title: cp_stag_b2
    Version: Beta 2
    Filename: cp_stag_b2.bsp
    Created By: David Lohmeyer - REV6|VilePickle
    Author Email:
    Type: CP
    Compile Date: 3/24/2008
    Development Cycle: Beta 1 -> Beta 2


    -Changed map timer to 9 minutes instead of 10, since it's smaller than other 5-point maps.
    -Default spawn timers changed to ~15 seconds max instead of the 9 they were at.
    -Players who capture the enemy's 4th CP will have a slight spawn timer reduction to compensate for absence of second forward spawn.
    -When a team loses their 2nd control point they will no longer be able to get out of their front CP2 spawn exit. This makes it slightly easier for offense to hold, and encourages players to retake the point. Signs in the spawn room change accordingly so players don't get confused when this door locks.
    -Middle cap point timer changed to 24 seconds for 1 player (Granary default) instead of 30, so players can reclaim the middle easier.
    -Final cap timer changed to 8 seconds for 1 player instead of 12 to conclude the game slightly easier.
    -Underground tunnel system has been widened, so it's no longer as cramped.
    -Two small health and ammo packs added to the sides of the sniper deck to help players retake the middle CP.
    -Outside has been optimized more.
    -Ladders in the sewer raised to avoid confusion about being able to use them.
    -Red logo in sewer resized correctly.
    -Players running along the ledge outside will no longer get stuck at a point.
    -Some additional signs added to clarify paths (like the small ramps up in the box room as an alternate method to get up).
    -Spawn doors no longer have intersecting brushes when open.
    -Reduced brightness outside slightly.


    STAG Industries has started supplying BLU and RED with new technologies. BLU and RED CEO's deem this unacceptable. Since they are located close to one another, they begin a war. Who will win the battle for STAG Industries' 100% backing?

    This is a map from Quake 3 Fortress and Enemy Territory Fortress. It was arguably the most popular map in both mods, and I am attempting to do it some justice. It was CTF, but has been turned into a CP map. The reasons for this include CTF not being as popular, the map being semi-large, and the fact that I haven't done a CP map of this type yet. The map's layout is quite unique for CP play, so I hope people will find it fresh, rather than bland like most people find some linear CP maps. Comments on item placement, CP timers, and other things are welcome.



    Program: Hammer
    Known Bugs: None
    HDR: Yes
    Compile PC: Core 2 Duo 6400, 2GB RAM





    Extract the zip file to
    ...Steam/steamapps/$$Your Steam ID$$/team fortress 2/tf/maps

    Create a server with cp_stag_b2

    ©2008 David Lohmeyer.
    All Rights Reserved

    Team Fortress 2 is a registered trademark of Valve Software.
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    Uploaded and replaced on server, thanks for 2nd beta so quickly, will post feedback tomorrow evening, server emptied early tonight :( Its only 2.30AM like!
    Yes, I copied and pasted post from your thread in SteamForums.
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