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    I hope this is the right place to post my comments on the map after the brief playtest today.

    1) a real pity about the crashing issues with this one. The second time it crashed it froze my computer and I had to hold the power off button to shutdown the computer. I didn't realise a map could crash the computer that badly.

    2) love all the detail and work that has gone into this one, those big rooms look incredible. And the view from the spawns of the volcanoes and the water were great. That tempting safe door that suggests that you might be able to get outside is class too. Maybe you could add some secret button or some secret condition that when fulfilled opens the door and lets you go for a swim?!

    Only negative things stylistically are that it did seem a little cluttered at times. The other thing was that some of the lights on the bottom floor were a little too red which can be confusing. In game, i made some comment about snipers being able to snipe the middle cp from their spawn. Turns out it wasn't their spawn, there were just the spawn style doors there. My bad. I still think that those doors made it a little too easy for snipers or soldiers to defend that cp by popping in and out from behind those doors.

    Overall though this is a really high quality map and I had a lot of fun playing on it. Most important issue now I guess is solving the crashing.

    Unfortunately half an hour really isn't long enough time to play a map thoroughly for some more in depth comments on gameplay. You should probably treat my comments as just "first impressions" and not take them too seriously after only 30 mins of play. I wonder if we couldn't allocate a certain day(s) and time(s) for maps that have reached a certain stage of completion on the tf2maps server. Then on the first post of the map's WIP thread you could write when the map is being maptested for the curious.