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    A very simple cp_standin-style map designed for snorrow to work on hammer, based loosely on this drawing provided by snorrow: http://i.imgur.com/mSXvybL.jpg. Control points take 2 seconds to cap, and the first team to hold all three at once wins. I turned the underground tunnels into stairways since mercs have a hard time walking up 80-degree angles :p

    The download contains both the .vmf you can open up in hammer, and the .bsp you can run in game.

    This map isn't playable-quality yet, but it does have functioning spawn points and control points, some very basic lighting, respawn cabinets and rooms (no respawn doors), and the HUD elements. snorrow can work on the detailing, spawn doors, item packs, spawn times, obstacles and environment, spectator cams, cubemaps, and all the other stuff at his/her leisure. I will not be updating this version of the map.

    Also, I can't say how long I'm going to keep the download available, so if you want it, grab it quick.
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