CP cp_redrock a4

First attempt at a 5cp map with a competitive focus

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    cp_redrock - First attempt at a 5cp map with a competitive focus

    Like the description says, my first attempt at a map with a more competitive focus. This level will serve as my graduation assignment. Took so inspiration from other maps and the goal is to shape this thing into something amazing.

    If you have played this map, I'll be uploading a questionnaire in the next few days. If you have the time to fill it in, it would help me out a bunch. other than that, any feedback is welcome.
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    Positive Ratings:
    - Rescaled map (last, connector to second and connector to mid) no more marathon running

    - Moved med packs in connector to last so people won't just run into them

    - Small optimization (area portal, hints)

    - Added extra lights

    - Reworked the open choke from mid to second

    - Added extra path between mid and second point

    - Added additional signs for navigation

    - Started adding props to give areas more flair for navigation

    - Changed forwards spawns to insta-respawn players who are being swapped instead of killing them

    - Added more high ground for attackers on second point

    - Removed sewer (will not be missed)

    - Removed pointless rooms to stop confusion in navigation

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    Positive Ratings:
    - Heighted flank route to second to avoid confusion

    - Textured more areas for navigation

    - Art pass done on forward spawns, no real reason I kind of felt like it

    - Made all signs not solid

    - Downscaled most of the doors, no more giants allowed

    - Added additional signs for better navigation

    - Reworked last to give defense more cover and high ground options
    • Added cover to spawn side of the point
    • Reduced size of side staircase for quicker traversal
    • Reduced size of initial spawn to reduce travel time
    • Added risk/reward height advantage on the left side
    • Reduced the size of the cap zone
    - Reworked connector between second and mid
    • Simplified the stairs to make it more straight forward
    • Connected mine route to the main building
    • Removed one exit to limit confusion
    - Reworked second point to add more cover and height difference
    • Added more health around second point for both sides
    • Closed of a side route to limit options to make the map feel less big
    • More cover on the ground floor near second to make fighting there more interesting
    • Added slope near forward spawn to give defending team new options

    - Minor additional fixes (Clipping, lighting, etc.)

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    Positive Ratings:

    - Decreased the size of the sheds and turned them around

    - Made the side route curve in to face the point for attackers

    - Removed sneaky route near stairs

    - Added a new route between connector and side route

    - Removed the open choke that led from mid to second

    - Added a new route that leads from connector to mid-low

    - Removed one of the tunnels in connector leading to mid

    - Moved the remaining tunnel more to connector to decrease sightlines

    - Removed shutters


    - Made the jump from container to mid connector walkable

    - Removed balcony over mid connector tunnel to prevent soldier shenanigans

    - Added a building to awning over left side of second to decrease the power soldiers and demos have there

    - Added a quick way to get from ground to point

    - Removed the stairs on the left side

    - Added/changed health and ammo placements

    - Removed some cover on point

    - Reworked lower portion of connector between second and last

    - Changed position of the stairs in connector

    - Added a direct route from upper connector to last-low

    - Removed the drop down in connector


    - Added props near right wall cover at spawn so scouts can reach the balcony

    - Added a second platform that leads from right side last to upper connector

    - Made stair route on the left of last faster for defenders

    - Removed ammo behind the point

    - Decreased the size of the building in front of point and rotated it, to spite the soldier players

    Probably forgot something here and there but you get the point, a lot has changed

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