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Discussion in 'WIP (Work in Progress)' started by raz0rskyl1n3, Oct 21, 2008.

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    Ive been working on a map for a couple of months now(yes im a newb), a majority was learning hammer and the such. Anyhow i had a play test a couple of nights ago. I got i would best describe a meh response. Essentially I am looking for some more feedback.

    This map is a 5 point control point map. Attack attack. The map is laid out in U. With the chock point being the C capture point. The map is designed very vertically in nature. There are also multiple pathways to take, to each objective. The theme while not ironed out will more than likely be a docking facility.

    Things I am aware of

    Lighting- is be redone, i actually need help with due to be color blind, i know i can make it visible but not provide an atmosphere.

    Capture points time was lowered All in seconds
    A 15>10
    B 25>20
    C 45>30

    Water this is a major bug, I am working through. I am aware of the fault, set brush whole texture to water, instead of nodraw and one face being water am changing that.

    CubeMaps Have not been put in

    Clipping, I do not have all the proper clip brushes in place.

    Spawn Visual All but first spawn in place.

    So what am i looking for, feedback on the layout primarily, flow of the map. There are lots of minor->major issues. But I am looking for feedback on the cap location and such. As well as the flow of my map. My biggest concern is always the size of the map as to whether i am making it too big or not. But at the same time, i tried to balance each pathway, with pros and cons, except for the direct paths.
    This map is definetley not an appearance release. (So please dont say it is too blocky, textures dont match, etc. i haven focused on this aspect)

    A majority of my time has been spent on optimization due to the size, as well as the actual layout. I have restarted many a times, tweaking the layout. Also to note is the optimization is not complete i gave up on area portals for a quicker play test release after doing the a point, the tunnels, and the water tunnels. I will implement more area portals once i have finalized the layout.

    Layout changes, the cranes, are pending

    Removal, or changing to a lattice shaped crane horizontally instead of angled.
    This is by point C the mid cap. The lattice will allow a sniper to take out the person inside of the crane. As well as provide less of a camping spot.

    The MidCap C is being changed, to being on an actual boat. The layout will remain mainly the same, except for the fact that there will be the bottom part of the boat in the water. There will also be a ladder implemented so you can come up from the water. It was stupid having to run back to the docks.

    Docks on outside of C are being extended, slightly and adding some shipping crates/barrells for cover.

    I will post an updated vmf file later today.


    The bsps can be grabbed from here for the time being

    Thanks in advance Razor
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