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Dec 9, 2014
cp_overpass - 3-CP attack/defend map set in a mountain-y wilderness.

WIP 3-CP attack/defend in a forested mountain region. RED has set up a weapons-testing facility, and BLU's gotta blow it up! Includes a way-too-slow elevator, a spinning walkway (why did they even build that?), and a pointless bridge!



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Dec 9, 2014
Here are the following changes:
  • Improved respawn times (were originally all 20 seconds, I think)
  • Slightly shorted cap time for all points
  • Extended setup time from 50sec to 70sec
  • Removed large bullet-block wall near Point B
  • Slowed Point A elevator. Intended to give RED more time to setup around Point B
Point A:
  • Lengthened BLU spawnroom
  • Added various simple adjustments to the exterior of BLU spawn exterior
  • Added 2 fences outside the right door of BLU spawn to hopefully prevent as much spawncamping
  • Added A signs to direct players
  • Added a window inside the middle cabin
  • Added new underpass route under left slope, with medium HP
  • Added catwalk to allow all classes to reach the cave alcove
  • Moved the one-way left-flank door closer to the entrance of it, to prevent camping
  • Added window to front of RED building, along with a thin platform along it
  • Fixed(?) breakable crate
  • Extended Point A's back room, now including a small sloped platform
Point B:
  • Slope-clipped the bridge rails
  • Raised the tree-covered terrain structure around path to Point C. This is to more naturally prevent a huge sightline (replacing the bullet-block wall) and make the route more "secure" feeling
Point C:
  • Added one-way door to right side of cave flank
  • Slid both structural platforms on either side of Point C farther out to increase the battlespace and exhibit more building
  • Removed rotating walkway and made it static
  • Slid back RED spawnroom and swapped sister ramps
  • Added cover walls in front of RED spawn
  • Added small HP and AP behind cover walls

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