cp_overflow_72hr A2

Just a normal 5cp map. There's no moving water, I swear.

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    cp_overflow_72hr - Just a normal 5cp map. There's no moving water, I swear.

    This is actually my first ever jam entry, and technically my first TF2 map to be released and shown off to the forums in full. I'm honestly surprised I even made it this far. I'm definitely gonna try cleaning up the geometry/visuals more. Maybe the water can behave more like a catching net than a ladder?

    Oh yeah, I apologise for the fact that there is actually water in this level, I know it's incredibly unpopular, but I thought it was really funny, and it was a good enough idea to really push me to finish a map and not worry about comparing it to more veteran maps/mappers. At the moment I decided to leave a lot of the roofs open just cause it'd be sillier that way, although I regret leaving one of the roofs open which has no way to get to it besides being a jumping class.

    I'd like to thank my stream people (and my girlfriend) for cheering me on, as well as Crash and 3kliks for making some life-saving tutorials in times of need.