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    Hope you like please give idea's and comments would much be appreciated.
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    To be honest I can't really understand much about the map from these screenshots, however there are heaps of sightlines and no border between playable area and skybox; both of which are things you want to avoid.
    Just a side note its usually (IMO) better to work with dev textures.
    Also the architect of the map buildings is pretty bland/boring, have a look at http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=631269 to quote,
    it is really important to look at official tf2maps and see how the buildings are rarely flat, especially if they are wooden buildings. A good example of red buildings being angular and warm is http://steamgames.com/tf2/heavy/images/01_cpSteel_1.jpg

    Remember you need to build the map for all the classes and at this point I can see sniper being far to OP on the map, and the map does seem a bit overscale.

    Anyway goodluck.
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    First of all, you should always add lighting and cubemaps before posting screenshots, to avoid ugly fullbright images. You should also post a screenshot of an overhead layout of the whole map, since we can't really tell what the layout is like from these images.

    As far as the layout goes, it is WAY too flat and open. It's extremely important for a map (particularly a CP map) to have height variation and distinct routes to and from objectives. I can't say for sure this is what you did, but it looks like you started out with a big, open area and plopped down a bunch of square buildings in it. The areas where the CPs are should be "focal points" of the map, not just left in the middle of an open field. Also, open fields don't work. If you're going to have a large open area there needs to be varying height, obstacles to break up the giant flat expanses, flanking routes to allow players of close range classes to avoid large open areas (or at least partially bypass them), or some combination of the three.